Afraid of loneliness

Solitude is one great thing that gives you the time to ponder to the keenest of levels over the most intricate issues, thereby fabricating the most honoured of ideals. Most of the world’s dignitories and pace-setters have had thier times in confinement – be it forced or wishful – where they were able to develop and herald the ideals within themselves which were to be used to ignite the minds of the masses and fuel the blazes among them.
Hey did you think i’ve written some speech here on "Mastermind Mentality". Don’t just worry I’m coming back to me.
I am no great man.I am just me.But still everyone can be compared to someone great.Afterall, those who happend to enjoy such exalted states in the human society too were once someone general.
What I want to say is …… when i happened to be at home .. i used to think a lot upon anything …. and infact everything… be it somethin related to me or to poor people dying somewhere in some African jungle……. from Turkish earthquakes to American air shellings of Afghainistan ……whatever……… i had a global perspective.. but things appear to have changed … a great deal …. i’m not the same as i was ….
I really have changed …. totally unaware of whether it’s of the slightest use to me !!!!
At present, i can not even dare to think of being alone. Always seen in a group , talking all the shit possible , wasting my time in all feasible methods …. going out for something , jumping out of the class havin a walk , getting some important document signed , anything the work might be … i always need someone or the other to be there by my side … to talk to me …n to help me out of any trouble i land into..
I’m very greatful to the wonderful gang i’ve been able to build up here …. who always have some or the other issue to put forth you n make you never feel jobless …. who always have something really hot and happening to be done … no matter how bad the time be ..
But the thing that matters the most for me is the fact that at times you have to take decisions that make you walk all alone in your life. And with my present condition , i don’t think it is at all possible for me to do so … not even in the farthest of my dreams do i dare to do that …. 

6 thoughts on “Afraid of loneliness

  1. Hi,
    Maybe u need more time to decide,
    but i think everyone has the same moments in his life.

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  3. HI guy nice to see you 🙂 kiss&hug from italy

  4. ©»‡«•-ÄşĢħÅŗd-•»‡«-™ December 14, 2006 — 11:38 pm

    Greetings from Spain  😉

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