I always have been wishing that I should have a nicely maintained blog site, just like many of my friends.And that’s da reason I log on to it everytime hoping to type down something or the other on whatever shit I’m thinking about! But all that happens is nothing. I end up writing something that needs not be thought about or cared for – in a word, it’s called bullshit!!
This time when i thought of fillin this empty space once again, I just tried to remember how frequently did I plan of typing down something but didn’t do anything.It was just then that I could infer it was only the time i felt too bored that I wanted to pass the time bloggin out here.And that’s exactly what i think is all of you do.Is it not so???
After all when you are having a really great time, why would you sit back alone and recall the bygones, blame the system, curse your life!!!Wouldn’t you better hang on doing something that makes you feel alive????