Occasional killings of inconsequential people

India, just like the rest of the world, has completely been taken over by fundamentalism!

Insulting people for the faiths they profess, and the silly (yet harmless) things they do in pursuance of their faiths, by uneducated mobsters in open-streets and by educated think-tanks on social media, is so common-place now that even the insulted people don’t get outraged anymore. How much can they bother themselves about anyway? And who would like to listen to them? They too have their daily chores to go about and make ends meet!

Innocent people are being assaulted and murdered in full public view by frenzied mobs for crimes such as eating beef and transporting cattle. Holy Cow!

Politicians are glorifying these murders as acts of nationalism and defending the murderers (a.k.a. cow protectors).

Police are busy filing cases against the victims instead of the murderers.

Fundamentalist masses are euphoric as the Bigoted Jingoistic Party wins constituency after constituency in election after election and leads the march of the country to an imaginary ancient and puritanical era — free from it’s current cultural contaminants, who are systematically being reduced to nothingness!

Mainstream media is busy making big money selling the fundamentalist and the not-so-fundamentalist-but-of-course-a-tad-bit-fundamentalist masses false or misleading yet sensational stories and ignoring boring news of real suffering and oppression. Murderous and Rapacious Fundamentalism is shrouded by euphemisms such as Ultra-Nationalism or Right-Wing Ideology in their hourly news bulletins. Rationalism and Logic have long committed suicide, live on their prime-time debate shows!

Liberals are smug that it’s not them, or their families, or their known-ones, that are being, or ever will be, targeted by such mobs. They even shut other liberals up who start fluttering their wings and making daring tweets by asking them why at all do they care and why do they not mind their own businesses? They’re themselves going to be fine, after all!

Influential Business Leaders and Famous Personalities have all lost their spine to stand up and call a spade a spade fearing government and public backlash. Who would like being slapped with legal sanctions and having to suffer substantial loss of revenue? Wouldn’t it be a great inconvenience at the cost of supporting undeserving people?

Stock-markets rally after ‘business friendly speeches’ of the so-called “pro-business Prime Minister”. GDP figures are soaring like they had never soared before. Everyone is ecstatic!

Why at all should one bother with the routine mental and physical assaults and occasional killings of a few inconsequential people if everyone is making a ton of money over their trampled self-respects and mutilated dead bodies? After all, there are worse places than India that can and should be criticized.


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