The Story of My Life – An autobiography

Life, though seems to be small an often uneventful (  well this is what I often felt ), isn’t actually that way. It’s a lot different. Whatever I’ve learnt till date has been because of the things that happened to come up into my life and that’s the reason I’m gonna write up my biography.
Well I’m well aware of the fact that I’m not that kindda person whose biography someone would like to read; but it really does not matter for me. I’ll do that for my own practise-my typing practise actually!!!
So all you guys and galz hold your breaths.The most rocking and ****ing biography is about to arrive here for you.It’s the nineteenth day of August 2006 that I’ve decided to type up my whole life and present it before all of you-stark and true. I myself am not aware how long I’ll take to complete this but I hope it’ll get completed within the nxt 10 yrs….I guess so!!!
Signing of for now…….will come back again to finally start my biography…till then…bb’byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

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